Dan, travel blogger, USA

In this video testimonial, Julian tells about his own experiences on expedition with a his hiking trailers and explains how the HipStar would allow him to go further with more gear, staying in the field longer than possible, if he were only using a traditional backpack.

 "I have always been thinking that one day there will be a solution for taking my baby along whenever I am having my usual morning walk. Little did I know a company is nursing such a technology? I was impressed with what I saw at your product pitch exhibition and I will be waiting earnestly to order when it is finally out for sale. Kudos!"

Paul J.

 "I have never imagined a bag or stroller could be attached to my waist and it will be comfortable for me to walk with for long time. That is exactly what I saw in your planned product that will be launched very soon. These products when they are fully launched will be no doubt useful for the nursing mothers as well as the holidaying people. Cheers!"

Sarah C.

 "Wow! I will definitely wait for this product to be rolled out before changing my beach camping bag. With what I saw recently in the awareness campaign, it looks real good to be used by everyone. I have since been imagining how it will look like when it’s finally out for use by all. Fantastic idea you are putting into action."

Jerry A.

Alex, hiker. ​Romania

Simon, photographer. UK

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Julian OH8STN from Finland is ultra-portable, digital QRP fanatic and video-creator, retired broadcast engineer and expat living in Scandinavia for the past couple of decades.

Julian talks about the HipStar:

"As a seasoned hiker, I would love to have one of the advertised hiking device HipStar that is slated to be produced in a short while. Hiking tens or even hundreds of miles on trails and cross-country terrain is not an easy task, but it requires strength to hold on and a decent but light flat bag could reduce the stain on the back. All these factors are what I saw in your proposed prototype at the just concluded brand campaign. It will be a great benefit to us hikers. I have told many of my friends about HipStar and its benefits to our hobby. Welldone!"

Sam A., hiker

“When HipStar first approached the team at bb7, we were very impressed with the design.  Not only does it address the challenging ergonomics of moving a heavy pack around but it is also a well thought out and rugged design. From a human factors standpoint, the fact that the cart is able move the load from the users back and shoulders to their hips and also reduce the load at the same time will allow the user to go longer distances with less impact on their body.  From an engineering and product design standpoint, the cart is well thought out, light, easy to use and very rugged.  The team at bb7 is very excited to help HipStar transition into full production and further improve the design in the process.”

 “I am recovering handicapped man… I need your product so bad... after breaking my neck and relearning to walk. Now I use two canes at once, so no hands to hold stuff, a heavy back pack tends to throw me off balance easily. The only way to learn to walk again is by repetition, and this is what need to be free to travel the and country side. This product would greatly increase my mobility and freedom. I’m telling you right now, your product is needed badly…

Joe G., California

People are saying about HipStar:

My name is Julian, from the YouTube channel OH8STN. I'm a video content creator and blogger, but I'm also involved in amateur radio emergency field communications. I wanted to share my story with all of you, who are considering the HipStar. Then also share my video testimonial. 

So, I don't work for HipStar or anything like that. I actually found the HipStar while researching better ways to carry the gear I take out into the field. One of my endeavors is volunteering for emergency field communications. That might mean acting as a radio operator for the Red Cross, it could be a training scenario in a remote area, or acting out a grid down disaster like we have in Puerto Rico right now. When I'm heading out into the field, I need to carry my shelter, Sleep System, food, radio equipment, computer, solar panel and a few other things to make the trip a success. This certainly is not ultralight backpacking, but I have already reduced the weight of my gear, as much as possible.

The problem is on multi-day excursions, when I need to hike from someplace accessible by car, to some place that's totally inaccessible by car. On my previous excursion, that hike was about 40km (about 25 miles) carrying all the gear I mentioned previously. The distance isn't so far for a Backpacker, but add to the standard pack load, all of the gear and equipment that I take to actually achieve the goals of my mission, and the weight becomes unmanageable with these distances. The HipStar will allow me to pull that weight, rather than carrying the weight on my shoulders and hips. This means I can hike greater distances with the same load, without the pain and fatigue of having to pack load on my shoulders. 

On a more casual note, I'm very close to my followers and subscribers on YouTube. Sometimes I go on hiking adventures, taking my subscribers along with me. One of the planned trips is the Camino in Northern Spain. It's about 800km (500 miles). I've wondered for quite some time how I could carry all the camera and editing gear, plus the hiking, sleeping and other gear I need for the trip. I believe the HipStar solves that problem too.

I wasn't paid for it, and I insisted that I tell the story from my own perspective, sharing my own failures as well. I hope my testimonial will help you to support this project.


Julian OH8STN

"I would love to buy your camping card HipStar for my team members when they are up for sale. Having lots of things to carry with a bag that is not balanced poses a challenge to many of us, but with I saw and heard at your post early this week makes me to settle for this type of product since it is flexible, light and absorbs most gadget of camping all these benefit in one bag would be a plus when it is produced."

Carl M.